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Setting Small Goals is The Game Changer

Welcome back to the Daily Practice.  We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus rebuilding the structure to better our content for you!

Now to our topic at hand.  Goal setting.

Not just regular shmegular goals but small goals.  The mundane things we tend to overlook because we naturally do them or we overlook them because we are so caught up in the big stuff!

Jot down the night before you sleep or when you wake up your to-do list but add not just your errands or what you have to do at work.  Write down every little goal you can think of.

Something as small as making your bed in the morning (or afternoon if you’re a late sleeper like me).  Drinking a couple full glasses of water.  Writing a page of your thoughts.  Cooking a particular meal.  Exercising in a…

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