The Power Series: I See


Your Other Eye

One may say seeing is believing.  Our Third Eye Chakra is our direct channel to the spiritual realm.  The power of seeing spiritually is about the ability of knowing something beyond your basic 5 senses.  I smell, hear, taste, feel, see but we all possess the ability through our pineal gland to believe in something these senses can’t sensibly detect.

Opening your Third Eye is about accepting what you know might be wrong.  Question everything. Seek reasoning.  Why do you think this?  Why do you believe this?

Ajna is Sanskrit for “command”.  This represents the Third Eye Chakra.  This clairvoyant ability is something said we are are born with but gradually lose.  It’s our way of having a conscience & knowing right from wrong.  Instilled in our minds is the capability of seeing our over-self.  We can see ourselves from a bird’s eye view in a way.

We can step back and see our lives from a different take so we can find our purpose.

Affirmations for your Third Eye:

I see Myself in others

I see my own divinity

I see all positive possibilities

I see all I am meant to be unfolding

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