The Power Series: I Speak


Speak Your Truth

Using your voice and not denying your inner voice to speak is the task at hand. Speak your forthright, your God’s honest truth. We can speak about what we like to eat, listen to, watch but do we ever talk about what we came here on this planet to do?  Our desires need to be spoken into the universe.  This means speaking your truth. Vishudda is the Sanskrit word meaning “pure” and symbolizing the Throat Chakra.

Learning whom you can trust with your truth is another hard task.  Toxic associations can cause trust issues making us unable to want to vocalize our deepest thoughts.

This means a really powerful way to exercise your voice is through creating boundaries.  Claim what you deserve.

Let’s say these affirmations:

I speak life into my desires

I speak love into my existence

I speak honestly & powerfully

To read more about the Throat Chakra see

Speak Your Truth

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Watch TD Jakes on the topic of ‘3 Types of Friends’ so you can learn who you can trust with your words:

Learn from Vicki Howie about the Throat Chakra:


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