The Power Series: I Understand


Ah, yes self comprehension.  I am what I am so I feel, I do, I love, and I speak what I see so ultimately I understand.  On the verge of becoming awakened some may call it, we have to open up our past, our fears, and question our belief system.  Then we have to go above & beyond ourselves.  So we can find self-acceptance.

In sanskrit it’s called the Sahasrara described in Yogic text as a thousand-petaled lotus.   Known as unconditional joy.

This is all about introversion.  Getting friendly with your most authentic self.

Let’s say these affirmations together:

I understand I am forever evolving 

I understand my purpose

I understand myself

I understand 

Read more about the Crown Chakra

Fasting & Your Crown Chakra

Opening Your Crown Chakra

Let’s look to “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz a grand book teaching us all to change our belief system to better ourselves:

#1 Be Impeccable With Your Word

#2 Don’t Take Things Personally

#3 Don’t Make Assumptions

#4 Try Your Best

Vicki Howie on the Crown Chakra:


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