What is Metanoia?


Definition of METANOIA

:  a transformative change of heart; especially :  a spiritual conversion

Why is this so significant?

Imagine having a conversation about your belief system its incredibly uncomfortable for most people.  Our belief system is very dear to us and no one can touch it.  So it’s amazing to see that this ‘metanoia’ effect on us can literally convert someone’s beliefs.  For me I was raised in one particular religion my entire life so as you can imagine being taught every other religion is wrong is how most of us were taught.  I learned later on of the truths of many other beliefs and turned off my arrogant filter of religion and truly grasped the beauty of coexistence.  True spirituality has no divisions.  As I love to say everyone has their own personal path to God.  Our belief is cognitive of the unknowing, let me explain; it is a known enigma.

We only know the spiritual realm by clairvoyance so to act as though you are the only knowing of the unknown is very dangerous.  It’s like we’re all watching a mystery movie together that no one has ever seen before but you’re acting like you already know what’s going to happen.  This is where you end up falling into the category of false prophets, religious tyrants, and those creepy cult people.

I won’t say any religion is wrong but I will say that believing your religion is better than other religions is wrong.  I love to bible study & I love church sermons but I am on my own personal path to God and I am better than no one.


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