Infant Potty Training

infant potty training

My baby is 7 months and potty training.  No I’m not kidding ever since she could sit up on her own she’s been using the potty twice a day.  Mind you this is the laziest way to do this.  There are some babies potty trained by this age.  What do I mean?

The phrase was coined Elimination Communication, means well literally you would assess your baby’s way of communicating she or he has to use the washroom.  Some parents start as early as 4 weeks old.  My daughter has developed her way of saying she’s going to go and I take her when she wakes up from naps & after her big meals.

I first heard about this from the David Suzuki Blog author Queen of Green.  I instantly got this 80’s style book about it at the library.  I did my research and it made so much sense.  Our babies naturally don’t want to pee or soil themselves we train them to do that by putting diapers on them all the time.

Think about mothers all around the world that don’t have access to diapers and what they would do.  Many places in this world don’t use our good ol’ disposable diapers.  That is truly a 1st world luxury.  Going through packs & packs of diapers & money.

I considered cloth diapering if I had the disposable income at one time to buy 40 cloth diapers I would totally do it.  Elimination Communication though is free; time consuming but free.  The heart palpitations of joy you get when your little person uses the potty & can’t even crawl is incomparable.

Don’t be fooled you can start potty training as early as 4 weeks.  Our babies are capable of far more than what we give them credit for.  I personally think whoever said babies can’t be potty trained until 2 had a share in disposable diapers and is benefiting financially from that lie to this day.

Check out the Queen of Green for her advice


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