Naturally Treating Diabetes


Prevention.  Prevention.  Prevention.

So many of us are pre-diabetic & don’t even know it.  If you have a little bit of a belly & are tired after meals go get yourself checked out!  This is a sign your pancreas isn’t doing it’s job.  After getting blood work ask your doctor how high your insulin levels are.  Surprisingly most doctors don’t even think to show this to their patients.

Be your own advocate!

I can’t stress enough that your life is in your hands.  Studies have shown us that diet & lifestyle can drastically treat & even prevent diabetes.  If you can’t part with your goodies & try a whole plant-based food diet than try alternatives first.   When you crave sugar eat a dark leafy green salad.  If you are craving chocolate try cacao nibs.  Our cravings are signs of our body needing a certain nutrient.  By going and getting a goodie treat you are giving yourself an empty & sometimes toxic cure of that craving.

Here is a chart to help you counter those cravings the healthiest way:


Point being is that diet can change your life for better or worse.  Let’s not forget exercise.  Exercising an hour a day getting your blood pumping is crucial when facing disease.  If you are already facing diabetes I suggest to you exercise & a juice fast for 30 days (monitored) to detox your body & get your metabolism back on track.

Watch these videos to learn more about diabetes:


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