The “He said, She said Diet”


We all know the one…

“Well you know they say whole milk is great for you.”

“Oh, I heard that dark chocolate can cure depression.”

“Oh, I heard sprouts are bad for you.”

Yes, those people that follow media to get their information or just plain word of mouth.

It’s just not safe; any new diet should be monitored by a doctor & nutritionist.  Like smoking the foods we eat are addicting.  As hard as it is to quit smoking for some people it’s just as hard to quit eating certain foods.  My personal weakness is seafood.  Like a smoker seeking patches & vaporizers I seek the alternatives as much as possible.

Take your time & know that diet is a gradual thing.  By starting an elimination diet you can see what foods don’t serve you.  Most of my clients are people that just don’t know their health problems stem from food allergies or sensitivities.

Remember do your research take your time & cut out one bad food or drink a day.

Watch this video by Corrina Rachel for her great advice about avoiding “the he said, she said diet.”


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