Green Tea Latte Review (Updated Part 2)

Green Matcha Tea

I Love Green Matcha Tea

I am working towards opening Panacea Cafe as an actual up & running lifestyle cafe.  So I, being slightly obsessive decided to try many different green matcha drinks. I’ve found my share of greats & hates but I will only state my personal opinion.   I will list popular places & locals.  Starting off I want to state these won’t be in an order of favourites but randomly put.  I will update this list as well.

Timothy’s Green tea Latte

The options are amazing!  They offer a shot of vanilla or caramel in it.  Then just to my amazement the barista asked me if I’d like to top it with cinnamon…ugh, cinnamon the spice of the Gods.  Of course!  It was frothy & soy very delicious!!!

Starbucks Green Matcha Tea Frappe

This is so good!!!  So far my only favourite frappuccino green tea drink. I always ask for extra matcha.

Second Cup Green Matcha Tea Frappe

I’ve only had it once and I must say it wasn’t as good as I thought it’d be,  it was very bland.  Next time I will ask for more green matcha.

Teavana Green Tea Latte

This has to be one of my worst green tea experiences.  I watched the woman fiddle with a broken cash register while whisking my tea that was a DARK green.  Being a nutritionist I should have known better but she was nice and I was desperate.  You could have sworn she laced it with psyllium husk because I got sick.  Let’s just say after that I went to go get Starbucks.


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