The Desire For Freedom



In a traveling and tourism class our teacher explained why some countries don’t allow tourists on the main land.  He said, “if you were the people living in poverty and saw tourists come around with a better life you would want to be free of your life & this could cause an uprising.”

It’s a deeper analogy of the grass is greener on the other side if you ask me.   What riddled me though was why does the desire to be free cause an uprising?  Well there is actually a word for this feeling.


A strong desire for freedom.
We saw it in India with Ghandi.   America with Malcolm X & Martin Luther King Jr.  We saw it in Egypt against their government & in Montreal with the students wanting to be free of debt.  These were people fighting for freedom.
In actuality there are more types of eleutheromania; here are 5 of many:
1. Freedom of current leadership
As I explained above about the “rebellions” against governments and the uprisings in some countries because of people being treated unfairly & unjust.   Although governments are not the only leadership halting appeasement.  As people around the world claim leadership above others & enslave them.   There are more slaves now than anytime in history.  BBC wrote a very profound article on it called “Are there really 21 million slaves worldwide?”.  Slavery is very well & alive today.
See more in depth in the video below:
2. Freedom of your job
Now to some this isn’t major but to many it is.  Nothing is more gut wrenching than living day in & day out a job that is not your calling kind of like that hilarious movie Office Space where the main character said everyday was worst than the day before.  Jokes aside this is denying your truth.  The beautiful thing is it’s never too late to change.  Many people feel bound by age, finances, different obligations to their current jobs.  I’m not saying go quit your job.  Find a hobby that helps you find the freedom from your job and live your full potential.
3. Freedom of a religion
In my article about Metanoia I explain the power of spiritual conversion.  Seeking this freedom is very common but very uncomfortable.  It’s going against the grain of someone’s beliefs.  The important quality is an open mind.  It would be impossible to attain spiritual awakening with a finicky approach.  A prime example are people that grow up in one faith and not understanding their parents spiritual point of view.  My personal belief is that there are many truths and some aren’t raised in their truth.
4. Freedom of a relationship
I could talk about the craving of leaving an abusive relationship with a partner but an abusive relationship with a friend is more common but less spoken of.  I’m an introvert not solely but mainly because past friendships took a toll on me.  Bad associations are hard to be free of until you truly learn to love yourself & start seeing who is for you.  When you see this you gain the want of freedom from all negative relationships.
5. Freedom of financial debt
Gail Vaz Oxlade is famous off of this extremely unbecoming topic.  The approach is showing people they need to tackle finances head on & either consolidate their debt or claim bankruptcy.  The true freedom of debt is not irresponsibility and ignoring it, but not letting money control you.  A minimalist lifestyle is ideal to attain this freedom.

Final thought…

Now what does eleutheromania mean to me?  Freedom is knowledge. Seeking enlightenment is a kind of eleutheromania. Today ignorance is a choice in this age of information.  A choice of enslavement.  Slaves were not permitted to read.
Reading was a luxury & some parts of the world it still is.  Even in the movie “The Book of Eli” the bad guy wanted a book for the sake of controlling the masses with it’s words (The Bible: King James Version ) because no one else could read so they wouldn’t know better anyhow.  Humanity thrives off of telling stories. So much that we are compelled to believe what we read or hear, but why is that?
I was just reading this satire article about a celebrity and reading the title & the fact a friend shared it on my feed I believed it right away.  I trusted the source of the story.   Not taking it as a grain of salt as I should have.
Slave owners on black plantations were known to get reverends to read the bible & twist it in favour of the “Master” so the slaves believed obeying their master was the way of life.  This is symbolic of today with the media.
My point being is this wisdom was in the slave that took the story as a grain of salt & began to desire freedom & seek knowledge.  Gaining freedom through knowledge is by keeping an open mind with the bias of not your beliefs but by the bias of your wisdom.  When our current currency has no value, what can a person get by on?  Their instincts and their wisdom help them attain & retain knowledge giving them freedom.

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