Could your health choices be linked to your sexuality?


You should care about your hormones…

By sexuality we often think who we are attracted to.  Sexuality by definition is “a capacity of sexual feelings.”  We never consider our hormonal side.  Many things we do from the food we eat, our cleaning products, our beauty products, etc.  have an effect on our hormones.

Right now we’ll only focus on females.  The topic of endocrinopathies is so vast that it’s so hard to chew all at once.

That being said; I’ve come across many females with this description:

  • Weight in the midsection
  • Facial hair on the chin
  • Have trouble losing weight
  • Have trouble conceiving (pregnancies often lead to miscarriages)
  • Have low to no libido
  • Overall distribute more male hormones
  • Often depressed

Many women think these are all normal ways of life because it is beyond the norm of society and what they’ve always faced. Well these are all symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).  Get yourself into a doctor right away if you have these symptoms!!!

If your doctor suggests medication though you might want to take these simple steps first:

  • Exercise
  • Diet change
  • Rest
  • De-stressing
  • Detox

Remember these things must all be done at the same time!  In order to be rid of PCOS you need to eliminate junk food.  You may follow my suggestion of 80%/20% keep in mind the 20% is within reason.  You must exercise not only focusing on cardio but start lifting some weights, do yoga, go swimming.  The ways to exercise are endless.

Get some sleep & cut the drama out of your life.  Most importantly Karyn Calabrese said women should detox at least 4 times a year & if you can’t do that drink fernugreek tea.  Get yourself into a sauna.  Up your intake of water!  People think drinking a cup a day is enough, most of my clients when we did the math we found out they actually needed 12 glasses vs. the suggested 8 glasses of water.

Final thoughts…

Too often we are plummeting ourselves with toxins.  Choose your poison we can’t avoid all toxins but you can choose whether you want to eat organic & local food.  You can choose whether your deodorant or body wash has aluminum or parabens.  Let’s do some research!

Anything you put on your skin, in your body, in your environment, or are using on a daily basis should be questioned at some point!  Think to yourself …

“Am I doing good or harm to myself?”

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