Best Source of Protein



Where Do You Get Your Protein?

It’s fascinating the opinions of protein.  Marketing teams have us believing we only need to consume meat for protein & that instead of eating fruits and vegetables just have lots of their new bread.  Meat is not the only source of protein nor is it the best. Bread is starch and isn’t ideal either.

People should really only eat meat out of preference not under the guise of managing their health. Also if you dislike veggies there are other alternatives.

What else is there?

It’s funny as I started my quest for my personal diet I crashed! I come from a background of eating all foods.  I became paranoid from all the things I was learning but after reading Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan I learned diet is strictly a give & take.

You sort of have to pick your poison. Diet like spirituality is a very personal path that only you can practice. As a nutritionist I try my best to understand everyone’s taste. Some want to go vegetarian or just clean up their diet with healthy alternatives.

A common problem is the fact so many people think once you start eating less meat you become sick & protein deprived.


Where else can you get protein?

•Nuts ( Soak them overnight to bring the enzymes back to life; this will also help you feel fuller with just a few)
•Beans (Avoid if you suffer from IBS)
•Dark Green Vegetables
•Seeds (Again soak them over night so they sprout)
•Soy (From tofu to edamame beans)
•& much more!!!

There is so much out there we should never settle for an unhealthy choice.

Try something new!!!


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