Finding perfection in imperfection…

I came across the meaning of wabi-sabi recently and it touched me.  How beautiful must a culture be to have such a profound foundation as the Japanese aesthetics.


On my search i came across this video:

After watching this it dawned on me how we are all imperfect but the concept of wabi-sabi shows the beauty of it. Understanding it requires compassion.  Which is something lacking in our society and I felt like I was lacking it.

Then all of a sudden I recalled my friend Reesee Ziggazagga’s event Abuse: Survival Stories.


I was invited to her event last month & met people that all wanted to share love & their support for even strangers!  I met people who I thought were all ordinary joes but they all had history.  From stories of crime, self-hate, & lost souls.

What made it so deepening was that each person never looked like what they have been through.  They were perfect to me like wabi-sabi. At that moment I had learned compassion and lost all apathy.

I can only be grateful.



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