Butter Vs. Margarine


Yes, indeed we must join this nutritional debate.  I am more neutral although.  Which normally I always stay neutral since I’m always up for new information.

I am dairy free.  Only 80%.  My diet thrives on an 80%, 20% foundation.  Not Douglas Graham’s 80/10/10 but the rule of thumb. I suggest to all my clients eat 80% what you need 20% of what you want within reason. (Oh no I gave away the secret Lol)

Often we find will power too difficult to cope with.  I try my best to avoid dairy.  I enjoy cheese, an occassional yogurt, ice cream & butter.  I like though vegan cheese and coconut kefir.  Butter though I have chose no alternatives.  There’s many alternatives to the dairy product but I can’t part with it, yet.

Margarine is very much a toxic havoc anyone’s body should avoid.  It’s vegetable oil formed into a solid causing it to be high in trans fat. Yuck!

But hey I have reasons why butter is gross too but I rather fresh unsalted organic butter than scientist brew(margarine)
as I call it.

What do you spread on your bread?

Teach me something new.



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