5 Ways Not To Catch Fear!

How to Combat Fear?


First and foremost let’s start off by stating the obvious.   Your fear pushed by media will be different from your fear to show up to work late.  Fear can rip at your conscious like a vulture but there are ways to completely change the dynamics of your mind to heal this.

In the above video Marianne Williamson an amazing thought provoking leader in the new age of thinking tells it like it is.  There really are healthy fears. Then there are mainstream hogwash fears that have literally no right to be in our lives.

A few years back the epidemics of E coli, SARS, H1N1, and other very well promoted viruses have struck fear into the public.  It’s scary when you hear all the commotion.  Fear mongering is the name of the game and I really feel like getting on the big screen in Times Square and saying “It’s alright folks!  There’s nothing to see here! Go home to your wife & kids.”

We have to go back to our roots and forget all the fear based lies we were told and get back to our true essence, love.  There is always a very spiritual way to look at these moments of pandemonium.  Here are 5 ways to overcome life’s turbulence:

1. It’s okay to be scared.  Accept what you are feeling.

Nothing makes fear harder to overcome than not acknowledging its there.  Accept your emotions then you will be able to face them.

2.  Meditate & pray.

Taking time to think is great but meditating and releasing your thoughts & perception is far more better.  Praying is also a great way to surrender your woes to God.  Releasing how you feel about a situation is key to an open heart.

3.  Be responsible for you.

When news about a disease is floating around you have 1 of 2 things to do.  Say “Oh well it’s only a matter of time before it gets me!” and remain idle or you can take action!  Mind your hygiene, diet, & overall well-being.  Maybe you don’t wash your hands or food as much as you should.  Perhaps you don’t cover your mouth when you cough.  Do you clean your phone regularly?  These are definitely things to consider so fear doesn’t need a place in your space. There are many holistic ways to prevent sickness.

4.  Turn off the news!

Watching the news is great for weather.  Anything else is a form of manipulation.  Who seriously has the time to be manipulated?  If you take news as a grain of salt good for you!  You still need to give it a break.  Media in general operates at a very low frequency.  It in no way can give you the tools you need in uplifting your positive thinking.  You may argue there are still good stories of heroic acts.  This is great but how does it benefit you to live in the now?  We can get so caught up in watching stories of the past and current events it can take a serious toll on our psyche enabling fear of living in the present moment. Watching the news can really give a person a warped perception of the world.

5.  Gain knowledge!

Knowledge is a horrific weapon to any oppressor. Gain it by reading more, debating, traveling,  and being open to new things.  I can honestly say humbling myself in order to accept I don’t have the faintest clue about this big wide world in order for the universe to teach me it’s way was the wisest decision I have ever made.  Fear has no home here.  “Fear my dear, you can come but you may not stay!”


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