Does Somebody Have a Case of the Mondays?


The Monday Journey

Let me be the first to say it’s okay to love Monday.

Affirm it with me.

Good Morning.
Blessed Morning.
Happy Morning.
Rising Sun.  Hello to you in my gratitude.

Excitement is Friday.
The Saturday comes & gives us such an energy that it’s essential to rest on Sunday.

Once we shift from that rest is the testament to see if we fulfilled our needs.


Sunday night should be a preparation of your week so lay out your ground work.  Those that fail to plan, plan to fail.

First step to appreciating this day is recognize it’s true essence.

Monday is a rebirth.
A moon’s change.
An infant breath.
The fresh idea & the brand new spark.

It’s the reincarnation of a week.

Your possibilities of changing the world are endless.  It’s up to you to have a good day.

How should one wake on this blessed day?

Early risers make the best climbers.
Waking early let’s you have a head start. Try the Sun Salutation.   Give thanks to nature. Run.  Jog.  Walk.  Let your blood flow. Stomp your feet.

Purify your mind of stresses.

Bathe in absolute adornment.  Body brush to get your blood circulating.  Use your shower as a venue of self love & give yourself a cup full of attention. 

Affirm to the universe your desires once you’ve cleared your mind.  It’s okay to be honest with your heart.  If one day you want to live on a farm to care for cattle but you live in the city with an urban mind it’s alright just say it!  Learn to vocalize that truth.

How can you nutritionally armor your day???

Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach to replenish your body after a long rest.  Make a loving breakfast or eat the one you prepared for yourself the night before.   Remember eat until you feel satisfied not full.

Have tea or a tisane.  If you’re stressed Lemon Balm will calm you but not tire you.  If you need energy enjoy Green Matcha. Chinese green tea also does the trick.

Have your healthy shots to power your mind & immunity try Wheatgrass, Apple Cider vinegar, or Noni Juice.

How can we be mindful throughout the day?

Meditate on the words “I Am.”  Really grasp the meaning of your existence and you will exude positivity whichever way the wind blows.  Remember no matter the honking horns of traffic, the piercing eyes of your employer, or the shrieking noise of a toddler; Monday is a gift of life.  Recieve it.  Love it.  Then say Thank you.


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