How Do You Fill the Void in Yourself?


The emptiness in us that we subconsciously try to fill is that deprived inner child in all of us.  We try to seek that completion in the external through the latest fashion, car, condo, or relationships.   Not realizing through deep meditation, prayer, & by tapping into your Third Eye you can start healing the void with loving yourself.

Iyanla Vanzant says it’s key to keep your glass full in order to be of service.  Her illustration describes you can only give what overflows out of your cup.  If you sacrifice your fullness as many of us do in friendships, parenting, relationships and especially at work you create the void.

This void is not a sip out of your cup but rather like a hole in the bottom.  It’s a constant rejection of yourself that doesn’t recover until you repair the leak.  By repairing this it’s vital you use a permanent fix with spirituality & gratitude.

I started using a gratitude journal to keep me in alignment with the present.  Staying in the now is the trick to being in control of the thoughts that wander you from self-love.  The negative thoughts that travel through your mind eluding you to the belief that you are one with your thoughts.

When we now understand we are not the thought but the observer of it.  Recognizing yourself as a whole being. Not the senses but the “I am” sensing.  Recognizing you are a flower mid-bloom & some of us on the verge of wilting we know care is important but you are not in a house-hold. So stop waiting for an external source to care for you.  You are a wild flower that is intuitive and faces the sun for shine & you flaunt your colours to attract pollinators.  Metaphorically pollinators are the abundance of life.  The blessings come as long as you maintain your radiance.

Don’t forget to love yourself first, wild flower!


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