You may have heard this 1 billion times but let me say it again.  LOVE WHAT YOU DO!  Or you’ve done it in vain.

I’m not only talking about your career.  I’m talking about life.  I found love in folding my clothes, each stitch excites me because this purchase once invited me to commit to a material bond.  I love washing my dishes because these plates craddle the food to my belly.  I love sweeping the floor because it is the floor that adorns my bare feet.  I love bathing my babies, well because they smell great afterwords.

I love writing to you all because the words marinate through my mind in a poetic passion before I write them.

My daughter asked me if painting is my hobby staring at my latest work.  I realized no my super powers are my hobbies.  My super powers?  My writing, reading, nurturing, dancing, painting, cooking, and speaking to open hearts are my powers.  They empower my soul.

Enjoying everything I do makes me truly happy and everyone around me can see my aura is bright.  So trust me, do all that you with meraki.


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