It’s that time again!  We’ll be reviewing a few Green Matcha Products so you can weed through the many options!

Jugo Juice Green Tea Buzz

So delicious you end up finishing it so quickly. If I lived near a Jugo Juice I’d be in trouble and they’d need to hire me so I can afford the habit.

Tim Horton’s Green Tea Smoothie

Nice try Tim Hortons. Just another Green Tea fail. It instantly separated and I took it back and said “Does this look right?”
The three employees said things like “Yikes!” & “Gross!” It was such a mess they just gave me an Ice Cap to help me recover from such trauma.

David’s Tea Iced Green Tea
Super yummy! The girl that prepared it was new but they obviously train well!  They just need more milk alternatives.

David’s Tea Matcha Matsu Chocolate Bar
So if you ever want to splurge on expensive chocolate try this $5 chocolate! It’s white chocolate mixed with Matcha Matsu and is creamy dreamy goodness. Certainly my treat of choice.

Booster Juice Mind Over Matcha
If you like Blueberries & Matcha you have to try this drink! It is a great meal replacement and is packed with energy. Also it’s delish!

Booster Juice Matcha Monsoon
In the mood for a creamy drink? Well this is where it’s at! Just Matcha & Vanilla Soymilk this is my fave!


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