Losing Weight. Why does it seem Impossible?


What’s peculiar about the mind is it can literally deceive us.  We trick ourselves so we can seem fine with our insecurities and think it’s all good on the surface. 

We wear clothes a little loose fitting to over compensate for the extra weight. We bulk on make up to hide the blemishes or scars.  Many things we do to band-aid our insecurities but not actually nurturing our wounds and letting them heal.  We are being ruled by our subconscious. Our point of view is cluttered with clouds to the extent we take everything personally.

The universe says “How can you be ready for your great triumph with so many wounds?”

It’s time to come and kick in your door of comfort and allow the flood of unknown to swoosh in.  You need to truly face your insecurities.   Attack head on your self-doubt. 

You are capable of great things. Honestly you can have anything you want.   You just have to face yourself.

Procrastination is a common evil to the creative process & let’s be honest most of our flaws as we perceive are created by some form of procrastinating.  The “I will work out tomorrow”,  “I will eat better tomorrow”, “I will treat myself tomorrow” are common ones. The more we delay what is best for us our mind, body, and soul begin to reflect that neglect.


The Manipura also known as The Solar Plexus Chakra is the house of “I Do”.  This is our power house into being.  When this energy is closed we will feel resistance. 

Notice when you have a tummy ache you can’t do much?  Imagine those with hernias, overweight, or some form of damage to the Solar Plexus. 

Understand now why the biggest tasks seem impossible?

Why can’t I lose weight?  Why can’t I diet right?  Why can’t I live a normal life? Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed.

Well you can.  You must access The Manipura to create a paradigm shift.  You must acknowledge your problems are imaginary and that your answers are the only truth.  You must do what you are resisting. Get out there and love yourself so much you will sacrifice it all. 




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