These Healthy Foods cause Inflammation!


We always think eat lots of healthy food and that’s it! 

In reality nuts are very healthy but some people are allergic.   Spicy foods can trigger psoriasis.  Eggs can trigger eczema and salt can damage your cholesterol levels.

With so many food sensitivities out there it’s hard to find what foods can make your arthritis, sinusitis, gout and other inflammatory ailments act up.

Well let me introduce Nightshade Sensitivity. The chemical in these foods is solanine which is the leading culprit in this problem.

The issue with inflammation is we live in a world where the foods that cause it are our most valued vegetables.   Now if you don’t suffer from this issue don’t worry these are still very healthy foods.

All Peppers- Bell peppers, Jalapenos, Habaneros, Cayenne peppers and Paprika
Potatoes- White, Red, Yellow, Blue Skinned
Goji Berries
Ground Cherries
Cape Gooseberries


Study Nightshade Sensitivities Further.

There are amazing cookbooks to look for under Nightshade Free recipes. Good luck! Remember any drastic diet changes must be monitored by your doctor.


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