How I Cured My Daughter’s Eczema!


So when your baby gets rashes and is scratching to the point it’s a full out horror show you call the who? The doctor!

I called telehealth (an amazing health line in Ontario that connects you to a nurse)  they said get her a doctor. I did a house call because with my little one my paranoia is on high alert so I don’t like taking her to the clinic.

The doctor was aged gracefully but not very lethargic this to me means he’s a serious doctor.  The elderly doctors always know best and I’m not kidding.  Well he confirmed my fears that it was indeed eczema and suggested cortisone which is swell and all but it’s an intense steroid, especially for a baby!

After too much use and who knows how much is too much your skin thins and for my golden skin baby that means lightening of pigment.  After using it a few times I saw no change in the eczema.

So as a holistic nutritionist I always seek doctors aid first then when that route doesn’t work chances are the problem must be something a doctor not trained in nutrition can solve.

I started a deep study in my books on eczema.  Finding out it’s sometimes a symptom of a food allergy!!!  I had to narrow down what she eats which at that time she didn’t have much variety she was only 14 months old.

I found it was occurring once she started eating baked goods.  My books said it could be an allergy to one of two things gluten or eggs!!!  Forbid both.

I gave her a cracker that contained gluten and no reaction. Then I gave her a gluten free muffin I made myself that contained none other than our culprit eggs!

Once we found out it was eggs I had to prepare this dramatic life change.  Her life without eggs.  Yes it sounds over the top but guess what EGGS ARE IN EVERYTHING!

If the ingredients don’t say egg there are over 30 different ingredients that have egg.

Just check out Kids with Food Allergies’ page about egg allergy!!!

How did I help her rashes? My favourite raw yellow shea butter was a miracle remedy. Now if your child has nut allergies or is very little do a small patch test first before use. After I eliminated eggs the rashes seized. They only come back if she sneaks a treat in but the shea butter is an instant relief.

Do you or your little ones have eczema? Have you guys been tested for food allergies?

Stay tuned with us as we are going to dig deeper into unexpected allergies.



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