Here’s 5 Ways We Beat Food Waste


Food waste is such a huge topic right now.  Only because it’s a huge freakin’ problem.  So much food goes to waste everyday that France stepped up and banned grocery stores from tossing out food with the solution of giving it to the homeless.  Which is just awesome!

My family though not a huge country is part of the problem here in Canada.  We waste food(and money) like crazy.  So I’ve come up with solutions we’re taking to not waste anymore!

Plan all meals in advance!
Everyone goes ahead buys just anything and thinks “Ugh hey I guess the kids will eat that!”  As a mother I know some weeks the kids love strawberries then the next it’s an evil little red thing that will cause a mess and tantrums.  Seriously toddlers take food to another level.
So my solution is simple; plan all meals before you even buy.  I use a thrifty worksheet I created for my day planner showing which produce is in season.  This is huge if you’re looking for affordable organic food that will last longer.

Map out the must-haves.
My must-haves are rye – bread, Wow – butter & jam (this is a staple go-to snack), granola bars, vegan milk selection, hummus, and a flat-bread.   This of course is tailored to my family but with these key essentials all I have to worry about is produce, which selected meat, & beverage I will plan.

Create a compost for your garden!

This is a great way to give back to the earth! There’s many ways to replenish your garden and a compost is one.

Huge thing my father taught me was even if you’re broke buy double the amount of canned soup so you can drop the extras in the charity box.  Now to go deeper if you have neighbours you personally know need access to food or someone at your church guess what?  Some people don’t seek out the help of food banks while struggling whether it be not knowing their options or pride but you can leave them your extra produce.  Trust me when you’re facing hard times fresh vegetables are not affordable.

Don’t forget family!

Most families already do this but you’d be surprised how many family members leave eachother out there to fend for themselves.  Share what you can.  If you just leave unwanted food in the fridge because… yes you or your partner went shopping hungry again it’s going to go bad. So give it to someone who needs it!

Avoiding food waste can be your step into philanthropy! It can be how you start changing the world. Give & feed.


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