4 Easy Nutrition Tips For Expectant Moms

Nutritional Tips For Moms

Where are you getting your pregnancy advice? !

There is a world of information out there but it’s about finding what works for you. It’s also about finding what won’t harm you and your baby. I have a friend that was suggested prenatal vitamins that were actually on recall which led to her child being born very sick and she was sick throughout her entire pregnancy. It’s vital that you take the proper steps to do the research instead of just listening to word of mouth and also making sure your doctor, midwife or doula has a solid background in obstetrics, midwifery or gynaecology.

So what vitamins should you take?

When you’re pregnant the last thing you want to do is choke on a pill.  So it annoys me when most doctors are always suggesting these huge horse sized pills of multi-vitamins for pregnant women. When really sometimes multi-vitamins contain ingredients that aren’t beneficial.  Seriously?  Ya, seriously I dare you to take your vitamins to a naturopathic doctor or herbalist and see if one of those 15-30 ingredients isn’t actually healthy.

I’ve been pregnant a few times, the first few weren’t successful due to an extremely damaged adrenal gland but when I made some changes I came out with two beautiful baby girls(who are not babies anymore). Not only that I also had extremely healthy births. As an added bonus in my 2 years of practice most of my clients were beautiful expectant mothers. These steps are how I got the best results with myself and my clients.

First things first you have to manage your eating.

Eat your nutrients supplement your deficiencies!

1. I say this a lot because it’s so crucial I’ll say it again. Eating for two doesn’t mean twice as much! You eat twice as good! Up your intake of the good stuff!

2. Find your deficiencies. I found mine so now I’m taking the separate vitamins like vitamin D, b6 &b12 complex, magnesium, folic acid and zinc are what really help me.  Always go with brands you trust.

3. For eating your nutrients by this I mean eating your vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and your algae but let’s not forget the most beneficial your EFA’s. These are your essential fatty acids these can be found in chia seeds, flax seeds, nuts and other seeds. Not only do they help the brain function of your baby but they protect your skin from stretch marks & dark spots. So it’s a win-win.

4. At 32 weeks get Red Raspberry Tea Leaf and start the regimen. Starting with 2 times a day until 37 weeks then 4 times a day. You can put honey in your tea and vegan milk and it won’t defeat the purpose. This is what I feel made my labours so quick and efficient(that and chiropractic treatment).

Tell me what nutrition tips helped your pregnancy!


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