10 Ways to Sharpen Your Memory


It’s a pretty scary thing when the memory starts to go.
“Where are my keys?” Doesn’t compare to saying “Who are you?,” to your children.  These natural ways to care for the brain will help you whether it’s small memory loss, dementia, or alzheimers.

1. Eat the good fats

Nuts, seeds, fish, avocados are vital essential fatty acids to aid memory.  EFAs are number one in cognitive stability & enhancement.    In this process it’s a big deal to eliminate Trans fats & saturated fats. Coconut Oil is a superfood when it comes to healthy fats and shows great promise in maintaining a strong mind.

2. Tumeric


Ayurvedic medicine is definitely on to something with their constant prescriptions of spices.   Tumeric is a pretty popular suggestion in eastern medicine.  It’s benefits against diabetes, inflammation are endless but it doesn’t stop there; evidence shows tumeric really eases the symptoms of memory loss.

3. Saffron


Another big deal in Ayurvedic medicine.  A delicious spice that is huge in the Middle East and making it’s way around the world. When you take saffron it actually helps boost memory.

4. B Vitamins


B12(Cobalamin) being most crucial in my opinion in the fight against neurological diseases decreasing depression & brain shrinkage. A great source is Maca Root Powder. I personally throw it in my smoothies.
B1(Thiamin) is a neurotransmitter vitamin that cares for enzyme reactions, nerve & muscle function.  B6(Pyridoxine) cares for the nervous system & lifts serotonin levels. Depression is a big battle for anyone with a cognitive ailment so focusing on these vitamins can make a big impact.

5. Rosemary

Watch these videos to learn the benefits of Rosemary.

6. Exercising the brain

Reading helps with dysphasia(not being able to find the right word).   Other brain exercises like playing chess & other board games help. Practicing memory games daily is vital but focus on learning new things.  The more you learn the more you will continue to learn.  A symptom of dementia is not being able to retain new knowledge.

7. Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR)

This popular amino acid is known in the fitness world for increasing energy & metabolism. In the holistic world it’s recognized for it’s ability to improve memory, make you feel happier, and helps concentration. It also reduces free radicals.

8. Working-out & Staying Hydrated

Being obese does increase the chances of Alzheimers & Dementia. So staying active is pretty important. Also drinking water! Dehydration is a serious brain killer.  Everyone always thinks that 8 glasses of water is enough. I have clients that need to be drinking about 15 cups which was indicated by their body mass index calculation. So it is important that we go ahead and we make sure we know how much water we are actually supposed to be drinking.

Another important thing to do is stay active things like Tai Chi and yoga are really great in helping blood flow to the brain. Otherwise going to the gym and having a regular routine or even just getting out for a walk every day is major because the more blood flowing to your brain the better your mind will be.

9.  Meditation

Evidence shows meditation can actually mold the brain. Watch these videos to learn how:

10. Eliminate Free Radicals

This means eliminating metals in the body.  If you have mercury fillings seeing a holistic dentist will aid in an action plan.  If you are a meat eater or fish eater chances are you do have high mercury levels in your blood so the best thing to do is detox, detox, detox! What you go ahead and do is get a hair strand test and the sample can actually indicate how much mercury is really running around in your body. A great way to get rid of mercury in the body is spirulina, chlorella and other algaes.


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