The Power Series: Law of Compensation

Law of Compensation

Abundance is my birth right.  It’s also yours.

I get a kick out of telling people my goals.  They can’t fathom my reach it seems so impossible.  That multi-million dollar home,  with a room for all my children, my parents, and other extended family.  The luxury vehicle I plan on driving my kids around in.   My goals reach farther than material and that’s when people with limiting beliefs really get uncomfortable.

I mean I get it.   It must sound arrogant of me to say I wake up every morning asking God to do his work through me then to want what people call “worldly” things.

Well, it may be the self entitled millenial in me but I strongly believe many of us grew up on the mentality that being rich is a bad thing.  When I think of the universe compensating me I imagine how much service I can provide to the world.  How many starving I can feed, how many I can help access clean drinking water, or how many people I can gurantee sustainable jobs.

This is where I see abundance.  A way to spread the wealth. 

We live in a world where the thick skinned and hardened choose to focus on the negative but I live in a paradigm shift where I manage to live in a place where I see blessings in every moment and that there are still incredibly beautiful things happening in the world.

Rather than focusing on the crime rate going up.  I praise the intelligence in the innocence of my children.  Rather than focusing on the lowest of frequencies I say every morning “I deserve a wonderful prosperous life.”




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