A Lesson on Gratitude


I am blessed that my meaning of gratitude deepens everyday.

Sitting across from me at the dinner table was my 4 year old blooming with excitement as her mouth was full with sushi taking her chopsticks getting ready to add 2 more pieces to her already full bowl.

I said quickly and sharply “No Layla, eat what is in your bowl before you get more.  Only take what you can handle.”

Woah.  My subconscious popped out in the moment as a brief revelation sent by the universe.

Only take what you can handle. Those words burning through my skull becoming imprinted forever as a paradigm shift.

How patient is the Lord I thought. 

Our impatient world longing for something more when we haven’t finished what we have on our plate.

See God knows when the food that just came out the oven is too hot.  He knows it’ll burn you.  You may think you’re ready to eat but Lord knows it’s not ready for us yet.

We’re not ready yet. Even then so we may try to bite off more than we can chew but the universe is all knowing of our appetite.

I ask it for a fuller plate of abundance… “Hey while you’re there can you slab on some blessings with a sprinkle of miracles and send that my way.”

My first thought as a mother when I see an unfinished meal “but aren’t you grateful?”

So my love to you I say…finish your meal in gratitude because your next one is coming when you’re ready. Just wait.


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