Panacea’s Goal

What makes me a great writer is the fact that I don’t think every single opinion is set in stone. It’s very interesting to see that there is a level of arrogance in this information era. We live in a time where so much information is out there if you decide that your opinion is the only truth then you are doing yourself and your audience an injustice.

I cannot be part of lowering the consciousness of the people. The biggest contribution with Panacea Cafe is the fact that we are evolving in truth. We have a mission to bring everyone to their highest self.

It’s incredible to see that with all the information that is out there so many thought leaders & holistic advocates avoid giving tools that enable self reliance.

It’s almost as though people believe if they give everyone the information to live their lives they are no longer necessary. It’s as though you are being taught that you have to live off of someone else’s fruition. Almost as if you are being taught that you have to depend on others.

 When in reality all you have to do is be enabled to be your own doctor, your own nutritionist, and your very own help.  It’s interesting that people frown upon people being independent. We may not all have the same skills and we may require help from others at times which isn’t something to be ashamed of.

With the Self-Alchemy lessons to teach you to be the magnificent regenerative machine you are we will be putting a long lived vision into fruition.  Assisting human evolution with emotional intelligence & Universal laws of being.


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