The Power Series: Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy


You Set The Tone


Not one universal law can exist without the other. What you put into the ethers corresponds to the world around us.

This means the magic lies in your vibrations, rhythm, & essence. First step to accessing a higher vibration is from switching off “human-doing” to “human-imagebeing . ”

Stop allowing yourself to be powered by senses and control what you feel, hear, see, etc.

The truth of the matter is too often if you wake on the wrong side of the bed it predicts and projects the entire trajectory of your entire day, week, month, and sometimes if you really become dissonant…years.

The power we’ve all been blessed with but is left dormant in many of us is the art of distraction we use to get a baby to stop crying.

This ability to be happy unconditional to the circumstances.  Not in a way of ignorance is bliss but to raise your vibration beyond the circumstance is what manifests the next moment to be the more desirable outcome.  It’s remaining calm in the storm.  It’s honouring the current feeling arising. Allow the rage, tears, and yelling for a moment but collecting yourself after you’ve expressed your human emotions.  So you can take back control of your world and shift the paradigm.  That’s how you transmute the energy in your favour.


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