The Power Series: Law of Vibration

Law Of Vibration Panacea Cafe

“B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe”-Kendrick Lamar

You’re killing my vibe sound familiar?

Over the years I’ve become an avid listener to Abraham Hicks, Bob Proctor, Neale Donald Walsh, Reverend Ike, Les Brown, and many more advocates of the Universe.  Foundational lessons are sparked when speaking of the Law imageof Attraction.

What some might consider just as important is the Law of Vibration.  It’s about how you feel. Your well-being. By far my greatest lesson has been understanding my own frequency and doing intense introversion.  My exploration of self showed me I was living at a fear based frequency. It was detrimental to my health, people around me, my babies and especially my higher self. Attributions of abuse in my life left unhealed caused me to repetively act out of fear rather than alignment.

Understanding that my vibration is my most important asset I dedicated my life to raising my frequency & remaining in alignment to what’s destined for me.   With this understanding I’ve been able to become a conduit of a higher power.  Enabling my pursuit in art, music, study, and become unwavering in my love of philanthropy.

This has structured me as a better mother, friend, and allows people to radiate to my authentic self the way I desire.


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