Second House

wp-1473792784791.jpgThe House of Possessions

Not only surrounding our material things, finances, property but this house is about our needs, wants, feelings, sense of security, earned income and how we deal with these matters.

Planets that fall into this house explain how we can interpret these influences, including which sign this house falls under.  For example, I myself have no planets in the second house so it’s not a necessary focus of mine but because it falls under Virgo I deal with these values in an analytical & self-conscious way.

What planets are in your Second House?



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  1. Hello! I have Capricorn on the cusp with Neptune riding the cusp and Mars retrograde at 15 degrees. Needless to say, the recent and current transits are really forcing me to station my actions direct and toward practical and material pursuits definitely not my forte.

    1. It’s good you have that awareness!!! Capricorn ruling Neptune gives it a kind of focus unlike any other placement & as for Mars that is a very career oriented and fruitful placement. Don’t deny nature! For years I ignored my creativity until I read my chart with Capricorn 5th house North Node, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus it’s actually the most important focus for me.

      1. Imvery much a creative but because my mars is retrograde, creating material value using what I value creatively or emotionally is the issue I run into. Neptune and Mars in Cap is like “I know what to do and why I want to do it and the responsibility this entails, but how do I do it and also self motivation/discipline/belief are huge issues. Thanks for the read. 5th house Cap is like making responsibility fun or making a responsibility out of creativity. Niiiiiiice haha 🙂

      2. Ya Neptune is such a fog & stifles motivation so it’s ironic you have them so tight knit. And Yes Lol I’ve now oriented my companies towards that aspect with art, music & event planning.

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