Fifth House




The House of Pleasure

Probably my favourite because it’s where most of my planets reside.  This is the house of FUN, all forms of creativity, children, sports, hobbies, inner child, and romance.

My fifth house is full of heavy hitters. Important to note this house is on a cusp for me. A planet cannot be on the cusp but a house can be.  In my chart this happens often. In the 5th House I have Capricorn & Aquarius.  Predominantly Capricorn this is where I can focus financially.

The planets I have in this house are Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and my North Node.  Neptune is known as the fog but it’s your subconscious.  So it adds a confusion but spiritual essence to what the fifth house contains. Uranus is known as the planet of rebellion so it’s an interesting planet to pair with Saturn which is the discipliner.  But it’s a core reflection of my early life where my artistic expression was repressed and how my type of parenting is unconventional.

Now my North Node resides here.  My greatest potential.  So this is why I focus my life so heavily here.  My children, romance, & creativity.

What’s in your Fifth House & what sign does it fall under?









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