The Power Series: Law of Vibration

"B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe"-Kendrick Lamar You're killing my vibe sound familiar? Over the years I've become an avid listener to Abraham Hicks, Bob Proctor, Neale Donald Walsh, Reverend Ike, Les Brown, and many more advocates of the Universe.  Foundational lessons are sparked when speaking of the Law of Attraction. What some might consider just... Continue Reading →


The Power Series: Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

You Set The Tone   Not one universal law can exist without the other. What you put into the ethers corresponds to the world around us. This means the magic lies in your vibrations, rhythm, & essence. First step to accessing a higher vibration is from switching off "human-doing" to "human-being . " Stop allowing... Continue Reading →

The Power Series: Law of Polarity

I had 2 babies crying, pots steaming with food, a singing canary, and the Arthur theme song blasting feeling sorry for myself. But wait. When I realized I'm rooting this frustration deep into the pit of me I had an epiphany why not enjoy the moment? This trajectory is universal. Living in Canadian winters where... Continue Reading →

The Power Series: I See

Your Other Eye One may say seeing is believing.  Our Third Eye Chakra is our direct channel to the spiritual realm.  The power of seeing spiritually is about the ability of knowing something beyond your basic 5 senses.  I smell, hear, taste, feel, see but we all possess the ability through our pineal gland to... Continue Reading →

The Power Series: I Speak

Speak Your Truth Using your voice and not denying your inner voice to speak is the task at hand. Speak your forthright, your God’s honest truth. We can speak about what we like to eat, listen to, watch but do we ever talk about what we came here on this planet to do?  Our desires... Continue Reading →

The Power Series: I Love

Love is in the Air Finding what you truly love is not an easy task.  Let’s think, can you say you're fulfilling your passion?  If you are then you are indeed blessed.  For those of us that aren’t let’s take a look at how to gain some self-love.  Anahata is the Sanskrit word for “unbeater”... Continue Reading →

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