When Sh*t Hits the Fan…

6 Lessons of Humility   There is an actual frame of denial when you are dangerously ill.   Especially when you're a health fanatic and you are hit with a rare out of the ordinary ailment. Throughout my last pregnancy I remained active I would go on bike rides and put my kids in the attached... Continue Reading →


A Lesson on Gratitude

I am blessed that my meaning of gratitude deepens everyday. Sitting across from me at the dinner table was my 4 year old blooming with excitement as her mouth was full with sushi taking her chopsticks getting ready to add 2 more pieces to her already full bowl. I said quickly and sharply "No Layla,... Continue Reading →

Achieve Morning Bliss

Qi Gong for breakfast.  Wet earth beneath my feet and strands of cool grass between my toes. The morning should be a gift to yourself so the rest of the day will be a gift to the world. Some things we can do to start our day right: •Meditation •Singing in the shower •A mindful... Continue Reading →

How Do You Fill the Void in Yourself?

The emptiness in us that we subconsciously try to fill is that deprived inner child in all of us.  We try to seek that completion in the external through the latest fashion, car, condo, or relationships.   Not realizing through deep meditation, prayer, & by tapping into your Third Eye you can start healing the void with... Continue Reading →

My Addiction or My Power?

Tsundoku perfectly describes what would be perceived as my fix.  You don't find me itching in the line up at Chapters or Barnes & Noble.  Though I am a frequent visitor.  Books & Green Matcha I would proudly say were my addictions. But are those addictions? I was inspired to delve into my Third Eye... Continue Reading →

Living With a Negative Person?

How to Make a Negative a Positive I think almost all of us have faced that one person we see on a day to day basis that we literally can't shake because, well, they live with us.  Whether it be family, a wife, husband, or roommate there is always that person that lets life's stresses... Continue Reading →

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