Fifth House

      The House of Pleasure Probably my favourite because it's where most of my planets reside.  This is the house of FUN, all forms of creativity, children, sports, hobbies, inner child, and romance. My fifth house is full of heavy hitters. Important to note this house is on a cusp for me. A... Continue Reading →


Fourth House

Your Home Life As we talked about in the Third House; the Fourth House cusp is an axis point called Imum Coeli which can explain the chart holder's upbringing. The Fourth House focuses on our roots, family, where you're coming from, foundation, private life, early life conditioning, and the influence of your father. For myself, ... Continue Reading →

Third House

    The House of Communication When I look at the Third house there's a large array of upbringing essence signified here.  In my own natal chart I have Pluto Retrograde & Chiron making it a place of great power & challenge for me. The subjects of this house are all forms of communication, neighbours,... Continue Reading →

Second House

The House of Possessions Not only surrounding our material things, finances, property but this house is about our needs, wants, feelings, sense of security, earned income and how we deal with these matters. Planets that fall into this house explain how we can interpret these influences, including which sign this house falls under.  For example,... Continue Reading →

Natal Charts

Astrology is really a great way to see the influences the planets had on you the day you entered this realm.  A way of seeing how to stars were aligned the moment you took your first breath. Astrology has become an enlightening tool for myself & the many others I've been granted to do readings... Continue Reading →

Check The Solfeggio

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Demand The Highest Frequency

Okay, so we’re in the information era right?  We’re being flooded with information that will alter the consciousness of mankind and yet we just remain cognitively dissonant to the music we’re digesting.

Now understand me, I’m in the music industry so my exploration of music isn’t limited to the peaceful Snatam Kaur I be having my daughters listen to.  Plus I absolutely have a weak spot for a really good trap song.  The blessing I’m granted with is knowing the effect these frequencies & vibrations will have on me.  So I utilize balance, like waking up to Bob Marley or Earth, Wind, & Fire instead of blasting Trippie Red first thing in the morning.

Just like anything balance is essential but awareness to attain it is pivotal.

Most Music today is put in 440 Hz and research shows 432 Hz is the most harmonizing frequency for…

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Panacea’s Goal

What makes me a great writer is the fact that I don't think every single opinion is set in stone. It's very interesting to see that there is a level of arrogance in this information era. We live in a time where so much information is out there if you decide that your opinion is... Continue Reading →

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