Our Mission


When it comes to nutrition people have such a huge amount of information out there to find. Issue is that not all of the information is accurate. Some information could actually put you in harms way. I have studied for years the correct steps to take in holistic natural nutrition. Panacea Cafe was created as a platform to enable everyone to be their own nutritionist.

I know it sounds radical and I know some nutritionists would not be able to handle it “oh no she’s letting out the secrets.” These are actually not the average nutritionist’s ways of solving problems.

 I changed my own life and have proven results from my own health with reversing my adrenal fatigue, anemia and also a trivial post-partum.  I have been there and done it and my method works.

I haven’t always been health conscious but I changed before it was too late.

I come from a toxic background of health created by the North American diet and health system.  So these steps that I took in fixing my own life was crucial in helping my family, friends, and clients help fix their ailments, diets, and overall their lives.

Holistic nutrition is the way of the future.

In holistic nutrition we focus not just on what you eat but what you put on your skin, everything you put in your body, exercising, work life, and other strenuous activities that you face everyday that take a toll on your body, mind, & spirit. We work with you and we make sure that no matter what lifestyle you live that you’ll have the tools to make sure you are living the most optimal life possible.

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