The Power Series: I Love

Love is in the Air Finding what you truly love is not an easy task.  Let’s think, can you say you're fulfilling your passion?  If you are then you are indeed blessed.  For those of us that aren’t let’s take a look at how to gain some self-love.  Anahata is the Sanskrit word for “unbeater”... Continue Reading →


The Power Series: I Do

The Power of 'I Do' Doing is not trying or attempting. Manipura the sanskrit name for the Solar Plexus Chakra means "City of Jewels"; identifying this chakra as our power source & the key to everything in us.  'I Do' is so powerful it is our word and commitment. On the road to enlightenment we... Continue Reading →

The Power Series: I Feel

'I Feel'...  This is where most fall short.  It’s nothing to feel guilty about it’s something to embrace.  Embrace feeling our raw emotion.  Let’s do a test.  From the inside feel your heart beat, feel your toes, and now your thoughts.  Can’t? Most people can’t feel themselves without their hands unless that body part is... Continue Reading →

The Power Series: I Am

Words That Manifest 'I am' say it with me...'I am'.  The most powerful words to describe oneself.  These words have the power to time travel.  Yes, indeed they do.  How?  They can collect from your past, come to your present just to determine your future. Yes our negativity and positivity manifests but how?  When we... Continue Reading →

Establishing Your Root Chakra

Colour: Red Chakra: Root Chakra Nutritional foods to focus on:  Red foods, high in Vitamin C Why eat red foods? Red foods contain nutrients such as lycopene, ellagic acid, quercetin, etc. These key nutrients create antioxidants to reduce the risk of cancers.  They aid in calming arthritis symptoms.  Lower our blood pressure and cholesterol levels. ... Continue Reading →

Fasting & Your Crown Chakra

December 8th Colour: Violet Chakra: Crown Chakra Today’s Nutrition: Today is the day to fast on “soul” teas & juice Benefits of Fasting: Detoxification Weight-loss Overcoming Addictions Spiritual Enlightenment Boosts Immunity Corrects Blood Pressure Strengthens Metabolism Adds Gratification Much More Like with any drastic diet changes always consult your family physician first.  Also be weary... Continue Reading →

Opening Your Throat Chakra

December 6th Colour: Blue Chakra: Throat chakra Today’s Nutrition:  Water based foods.  Soups & seaplants, and food culture variation Why eat blue foods? Blue foods like purple foods contain nutrients which include vitamin C, fiber, flavonoids, quercetin, etc. These nutrients strengthen retinal health. They lower our cholesterol. Along with healthy digestion it boosts our immunity.... Continue Reading →

Live Foods & The Heart Chakra

December 5th Colour: Green Chakra: Heart chakra Today’s Nutrition: Green foods (kale, spinach, avocados) & live foods Why eat green foods? Green vegetables & fruits contain chlorophyll, fiber, calcium, folate, vitamin C, calcium, beta-carotene, etc. These nutrients protect us from risks of cancer. Lower our blood pressure & cholesterol levels. They help us to digest,... Continue Reading →

Opening Your Solar Plexus Chakra

December 4th Colour: Yellow Chakra: Solar Plexus chakra Today’s nutrition: Yellow foods (corn, yellow peppers, lemons) , complex carbs & starch Why focus on Yellow Foods? Like orange foods that we touched basis on yesterday when we spoke about the Sacral Chakra; yellow foods supplement us with beta-carotene, flavonoids, potassium, vitamin C, etc.  This is... Continue Reading →

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