Is Agave Nectar Really That Great?

Too often do we come across "health foods" that are just flat out bad for us.  Why does this happen?  Well the most obvious fact is that manufacturers need to make money and falsely advertise to us for sales.   Read your ingredients & remember be your own advocate! Research shows Agave Nectar the sweetener derived... Continue Reading →


Green Tea Latte Review

I Love Green Matcha Tea I am working towards opening Panacea Cafe as an actual up & running lifestyle cafe.  So I, being slightly obsessive decided to try many different green tea lattes. I've found my share of greats & hates but I will only state my personal opinion.   I will list popular places... Continue Reading →

Is Metamucil Healthy?

Most of my life I have been severely allergic to aspartame.  I'm sincerely grateful because studies show how detrimental it is to our health.  After my second pregnancy I had major issues with everything almost.  I couldn't even use the bathroom for 2 weeks straight.  I had no idea what to do and I jumped... Continue Reading →

Are Our Teeth a Big Deal?

I went to the dentist for irritated gums around the wisdom teeth. After I did I left with pain instead of irritation, a ridiculous bill, & a referral for an extraction. For 2 days after I was in so much pain & my gums developed sores as a sort of allergic reaction to the fluoride... Continue Reading →

Establishing Your Root Chakra

Colour: Red Chakra: Root Chakra Nutritional foods to focus on:  Red foods, high in Vitamin C Why eat red foods? Red foods contain nutrients such as lycopene, ellagic acid, quercetin, etc. These key nutrients create antioxidants to reduce the risk of cancers.  They aid in calming arthritis symptoms.  Lower our blood pressure and cholesterol levels. ... Continue Reading →

Is Cow’s Milk Healthy?

Watch the beautiful Karyn Calabrese give her advice at the Ann Wigmore Living Foods Conference: I stopped giving my family cow products when I started studying to be a holistic nutritionist before that I believed raw milk or whole organic milk was extremely healthy.  It's constantly advertised in our face that we are desensitized to... Continue Reading →

Opening Your Crown Chakra

December 1st Colour: Violet Chakra: Crown Chakra Today’s Nutrition: Today is the day to fast on “soul” teas & juice This Chakra is our immediate connection to the most high.  Whomever your deity is if this Chakra is denied awakening you will be closed off from the most divine relationship you can ever have.  To... Continue Reading →

Speak Your Truth

November 29th Colour: Blue Chakra: Throat chakra  Today’s Nutrition:  Water based foods.  Soups & seaplants, and food culture variation Today we will learn to open our Vishuddha; our Throat Chakra.  Now when this particular chakra is closed we tend to have trouble speaking.  We have trouble where we cannot speak up or let our truth... Continue Reading →

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