A Lesson on Gratitude

I am blessed that my meaning of gratitude deepens everyday. Sitting across from me at the dinner table was my 4 year old blooming with excitement as her mouth was full with sushi taking her chopsticks getting ready to add 2 more pieces to her already full bowl. I said quickly and sharply "No Layla,... Continue Reading →

How Do You Fill the Void in Yourself?

The emptiness in us that we subconsciously try to fill is that deprived inner child in all of us.  We try to seek that completion in the external through the latest fashion, car, condo, or relationships.   Not realizing through deep meditation, prayer, & by tapping into your Third Eye you can start healing the void with... Continue Reading →

5 Ways Not To Catch Fear!

How to Combat Fear?   First and foremost let's start off by stating the obvious.   Your fear pushed by media will be different from your fear to show up to work late.  Fear can rip at your conscious like a vulture but there are ways to completely change the dynamics of your mind to... Continue Reading →


Finding perfection in imperfection... I came across the meaning of wabi-sabi recently and it touched me.  How beautiful must a culture be to have such a profound foundation as the Japanese aesthetics. On my search i came across this video: After watching this it dawned on me how we are all imperfect but the concept... Continue Reading →

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