Could your health choices be linked to your sexuality?

You should care about your hormones... By sexuality we often think who we are attracted to.  Sexuality by definition is "a capacity of sexual feelings."  We never consider our hormonal side.  Many things we do from the food we eat, our cleaning products, our beauty products, etc.  have an effect on our hormones. Right now... Continue Reading →


The Talk Your Kids Will Never Forget…

The Talk   No, it's not about the birds & the bees.  Get your head out the gutter folks!  It's the talk about their time here on this earth. What we tend to forget is maybe our kids are entitled to choices having to do with their mind, body, & spirit.  Yes helping them be... Continue Reading →

Learn About Wei Wu Wei

Watch this great video about Wei-Wu-Wei: Wei-Wu-Wei means "Doing, not doing."  The divine significance this has for me relates to the article The Power Series: I See where Caroline Myss says to Oprah we have to finish to completion then let God do the rest.  In a way it says to me "Let go and... Continue Reading →

What is Metanoia?

Definition of METANOIA :  a transformative change of heart; especially :  a spiritual conversion Why is this so significant? Imagine having a conversation about your belief system its incredibly uncomfortable for most people.  Our belief system is very dear to us and no one can touch it.  So it's amazing to see that this 'metanoia'... Continue Reading →

Opening Your Crown Chakra

December 1st Colour: Violet Chakra: Crown Chakra Today’s Nutrition: Today is the day to fast on “soul” teas & juice This Chakra is our immediate connection to the most high.  Whomever your deity is if this Chakra is denied awakening you will be closed off from the most divine relationship you can ever have.  To... Continue Reading →

Speak Your Truth

November 29th Colour: Blue Chakra: Throat chakra  Today’s Nutrition:  Water based foods.  Soups & seaplants, and food culture variation Today we will learn to open our Vishuddha; our Throat Chakra.  Now when this particular chakra is closed we tend to have trouble speaking.  We have trouble where we cannot speak up or let our truth... Continue Reading →

How Do You Define Success?

November 28thColour: GreenChakra: Heart chakraToday’s Nutrition: Green foods (kale, spinach, avocados) & live foodsSo you know those people who constantly talk about making it…5 years down the road only made it down the road.  Yes, those people!  Let’s talk about them for a second.  Why do you think they didn’t get to where they wanted?Some... Continue Reading →

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