These Healthy Foods cause Inflammation!

We always think eat lots of healthy food and that's it!  In reality nuts are very healthy but some people are allergic.   Spicy foods can trigger psoriasis.  Eggs can trigger eczema and salt can damage your cholesterol levels. With so many food sensitivities out there it's hard to find what foods can make your arthritis,... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Dragon Fruit!

My most favourite fruit hands down is Dragon Fruit.  I had a friend suggest I eat it in the mornings so I can get a clean energy boost and let me tell you... it works! This fruit better known as Pitaya from the cactus family originates from Mexico but was sent all over the globe.... Continue Reading →


It's that time again!  We'll be reviewing a few Green Matcha Products so you can weed through the many options! Jugo Juice Green Tea Buzz So delicious you end up finishing it so quickly. If I lived near a Jugo Juice I'd be in trouble and they'd need to hire me so I can afford... Continue Reading →

Seed Saving

Saving seeds can be an affordable way to start your organic garden or for a rainy day. Since I started my garden I have been planting seeds everywhere in my backyard. My poor hubby goes in the fridge & shelves only to find pits & seeds sprouting. It looks like a bunch of science experiments... Continue Reading →

Butter Vs. Margarine

Yes, indeed we must join this nutritional debate.  I am more neutral although.  Which normally I always stay neutral since I'm always up for new information. I am dairy free.  Only 80%.  My diet thrives on an 80%, 20% foundation.  Not Douglas Graham's 80/10/10 but the rule of thumb. I suggest to all my clients... Continue Reading →

Best Source of Protein

  Where Do You Get Your Protein? It's fascinating the opinions of protein.  Marketing teams have us believing we only need to consume meat for protein & that instead of eating fruits and vegetables just have lots of their new bread.  Meat is not the only source of protein nor is it the best. Bread... Continue Reading →

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