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Finding perfection in imperfection... I came across the meaning of wabi-sabi recently and it touched me.  How beautiful must a culture be to have such a profound foundation as the Japanese aesthetics. On my search i came across this video: After watching this it dawned on me how we are all imperfect but the concept... Continue Reading →

The “He said, She said Diet”

We all know the one... "Well you know they say whole milk is great for you." "Oh, I heard that dark chocolate can cure depression." "Oh, I heard sprouts are bad for you." Yes, those people that follow media to get their information or just plain word of mouth. It's just not safe; any new... Continue Reading →

Eat Your Foods by the Season

Eating organic foods according to the season can be the healthiest, freshest, and most affordable route.  If it's not in season it's shipped from a distance and the price is marked up.   Whether organic be more expensive it is the better choice! Eat clean and eat local! Here are the foods by season*: Fall... Continue Reading →

Infant Potty Training

My baby is 7 months and potty training.  No I'm not kidding ever since she could sit up on her own she's been using the potty twice a day.  Mind you this is the laziest way to do this.  There are some babies potty trained by this age.  What do I mean? The phrase was... Continue Reading →

Green Tea Latte Review

I Love Green Matcha Tea I am working towards opening Panacea Cafe as an actual up & running lifestyle cafe.  So I, being slightly obsessive decided to try many different green tea lattes. I've found my share of greats & hates but I will only state my personal opinion.   I will list popular places... Continue Reading →

What is Metanoia?

Definition of METANOIA :  a transformative change of heart; especially :  a spiritual conversion Why is this so significant? Imagine having a conversation about your belief system its incredibly uncomfortable for most people.  Our belief system is very dear to us and no one can touch it.  So it's amazing to see that this 'metanoia'... Continue Reading →

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